By purchasing AA-RACE you get following benefits:

1. Registering your results on AA-RACE scoreboard and therefore competing for a flight in a real AA-RACE aircraft.
2. Choice of various aircraft with varying performance envelopes: Pitts S2B, Sukhoi 29 and Extra 300
3. Flying all locations for championship and possibility to win a flight in a real AA-RACE aircraft.


Award rules:
(1) Only players with valid registration can compete, participate and be listed on official AA-RACE game scoreboard.
(2) Every quarter we will award the best player with the fastest time on scoreboard with a flight in a unlimited aerobatic aircraft.
(3) The flight can be claimed within 6 months after being awarded.
(4) Only persons age 18 and above in good health can participate in aerobatic flight.
(5) Award can be transferred to other person by winner.
(6) The flight can be performed only with one of our AA-RACE competitors at location where aircraft will be available at the moment when prize is claimed.
(7) Winner is responsible for all travel arrangements and other expenses connected to appearing for aerobatic flight.

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