AA-RACE v2.1 with New York and Moscow locations, new levels, new flight dynamics and aerobatics training mode now available via iTunes and Amazon AppStore. For users that do not have access to Amazon Appstore full version with all levels and all airplanes unlocked is available through PayPAL purchase.

AA Race...
…is an unlimited aerobatic airplane race simulation. It is available for iPhone/iPad on AppStore and for Android devices on Play Store. This game faithfully replicates the air race under the rules of the AA Race.
...that you can fly in the game closely resemble real airplanes with as close as possible flight characteristics including airspeeds and G-forces needed to perform various manoeuvres. Time is clocked the same way it is done in the real race.
...are given a superb air race simulation, a real sense of participating in AA-RACE competition. You can even see how your time and performance measures against real world competitors in AA-RACE on our scoreboard.
The latest AA-RACE tournament has finished. The winner is tom320! Congratulations tom320 from AA-RACE team on excellent results!
New tournament will start in February upon release of new aerobatic program sequence for all location.
Until the start of a new tournament all results are just for training and will be reset when the new tournament starts.

Contacts: for general information: info@aa-race.com, for support visit us and post a question or comment at Find us on Facebook